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Box of 16 Mini-Eclairs


Let's celebrate all occasion with some mini-eclairs. Share some sweet treats with your family, friends, and beloved. We've made a special gift to bring for the dessert: A box of 16 mini-eclairs included our 5 classic flavours and 2 new exclusives created for the occasion. All in mini bites sizes, ready to be eaten in 5sec! Let's celebrate!

In the Mini-Eclair box you will find :

∙⁠ The White Chocolate and Raspberries Eclair
A delicious and perfectly balanced white chocolate and raspberry eclair topped with a red glaze, dried raspberries, and raspberry jam.

∙⁠ The Paris-Brest Eclair
Inspired by the recipe of Traditional Paris-Brest, filled with hazelnut praline cream and topped with shaved almonds and snow sugar.

⁠ The Lemon Eclair
Fresh and citrusy our Lemon eclairs are filled with delicious lemon cream, topped with a torched Italian meringue and fresh mint leaves. The perfect combination of freshness, sweetness, and a touch of citrus.

∙⁠ The Chocolate Eclair
Delicious and intense, our Chocolate and rose petals eclairs are filled with chocolate cream, topped with dark chocolate glaze and roasted hazelnuts. A great treat for all chocolate lovers.

∙⁠ The Vanilla Eclair
Our sparkle Vanilla eclairs are filled with a vanilla crème pâtissière and topped with a white chocolate glaze. A classic not to be missed!

∙⁠ The Salted Caramel Eclair
A delightful caramel eclair filled with mascarpone cream and topped with caramel glaze, sugar golden pearl, and a salted touch. A great explosion of flavors to satisfy your taste-buds.

∙⁠ C⁠appuccino Eclair
The cappuccino eclair is filled with coffee cream, topped with a coffee glaze and cocoa powder, decorated with real coffee beans and almonds.



All our eclairs are made from a choux pastry. unsalted butter, sugar, salt, flour, egg, milk, water 

Vanilla Eclair: vanilla beans, white chocolate, edible glitters, milk, egg, sugar, cornstarch, butter, thicken cream 35%, glucose syrup, unflavoured gelatine powder. Lemon Eclair: lemon juice, sugar, egg, butter, fresh mint, unflavoured gelatine powder. Chocolate Eclair: dark chocolate 54 %, hazelnut, rose petals, milk, thicken cream 35%, egg, sugar, butter, cornstarch, rice syrup. Caramel Eclair: thicken cream 35%, fleur de sel, sugar, butter, mascarpone cheese, unflavoured gelatine powder. Paris-Brest Eclair: milk, eggs, sugar, cornstarch, butter, hazelnuts, almonds, Hazelnut PralineCappuccino Eclair: milk, sugar, coffee beans, trablit liquid coffee extract, cornstarch, egg, butter, icing sugar, thicken cream 35%, natural glaze, milk chocolate, white chocolate. White Chocolate and Raspberries Eclair: thicken cream 35%, glucose, invert sugar, gelatine, agar-agar, water, dehydrated Raspberries, edible gold.

Our eclairs may contain: nuts, gluten, dairy 
Made in Byron Bay, Australia.