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Chocolate and Raspberry Entremet


This delicate multi-layered mousse-based cake is made from a dark chocolate dacquoise, a dark chocolate-raspberry mousse, a vanilla cream, a raspberry coulis, some hazelnuts (it gives crunch) all topped with a shiny and smooth dark chocolate glaze. If you like complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts in your plate, this cake is for you. Ideal for a celebration or to share with friends and family.

Serve 10 people - Ø 21cm
Not suitable for vegetarians or vegan.


∙⁠ ∙⁠ ∙⁠ 


egg, sugar, almond flour, flour, dark chocolate, raspberry puree, raspberries, cornstarch, gelatine, thicken cream, vanilla beans, milk, cocoa butter, butter, hazelnuts, edible glitter 


Made in Byron Bay, Australia.