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The Classic Trio


The Classic Trio is the perfect balance of freshness, intensity, and sweetness. Our Eclairs are made from a choux pastry dough, filled with delicious creams, and decorated with delicate toppings.

In the Classic Trio box, you will find a Lemon eclair and its Italian meringue topping, a Chocolate eclair with dark chocolate glaze, and a classic Vanilla eclair with white chocolate glaze. Three different flavours to share with your family and friends.

∙⁠ ∙⁠ ∙⁠ 


All our eclairs are made from a choux pastry. unsalted butter, sugar, salt, flour, egg, milk, water 

Vanilla Eclair: vanilla beans, white chocolate, edible glitters, milk, egg, sugar, cornstarch, butter, thicken cream 35%, glucose syrup, unflavoured gelatine powder. Lemon Eclair: lemon juice, sugar, egg, butter, fresh mint, unflavoured gelatine powder. Chocolate Eclair: dark chocolate 54 %, hazelnut, rose petals, milk, thicken cream 35%, egg, sugar, butter, cornstarch, rice syrup. Our eclairs may contain: nuts, gluten, dairy 

Made in Byron Bay, Australia.