About us


Eclair at the Bay is a new unique homemade pastry business entirely dedicated to the creation of contemporary eclairs. Located in the beautiful town of Byron Bay, we are making delicious eclairs and baked goods in a quaint and relaxing environment. We are aiming at the highest quality possible with tradition and authenticity in mind, sourcing fresh and local ingredients. 

This project is the creation of Pastry Chef Pavel.His passion for pastry began when he started working in Michelin Star restaurants in London. Rigor, consistency and creativity were the key words of those years of experiences, to learn how to make  desserts that are not only beautiful but delicious too. After severals years of working for celebrity chefs and Michelin star restaurants around the world he decided to bring this knowledge to the bay and create something unique, elegant and tasty. 

"Eclair means "lightning" in French, My idea is to light this town with a new concept of desserts made from choux" -Pavel

We are excited to be launching Eclair at the Bay,  we hope you will love our desserts as much as we love making them.




The eclair originated during the nineteenth century in France where it was called “pain à la duchesse” until 1850.  It was a pastry, made of a choux pastry in a shape of fingers, rolled in almonds. In the 19th century, Antonin Carême,  a famous pastry chef for French royalty, had the idea of removing the almonds, garnishing it with chocolate or coffee custard and covering it with fondant sugar. The éclair was born!

Eclair means “lightning” in French. Many people believe that eclairs got their name from the glistening sparkles from the frosting that resembles a lightning bolt. Its first print reference in English was in an article in Vanity Fair in 1861, and then in Boston Cooking School Cook Book in 1884.

Until today, The eclair is making a resurgence in popularity and can now be seen filled with trendy fillings such as matcha tea or mocha cream filling. The tops of the pastry may now be decorated with fresh fruit and fanciful fruit glazes. Frozen eclairs are also to be found with ice cream fillings.