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At Eclair at the Bay, we love celebrations. Whatever the occasion, birthdays, honeymoons, weddings...we think that sweet treats make people happy! This is why we are making bulk mini eclairs, profiteroles, croquembouches, and custom cakes for your special day.




The mini-eclairs are the perfect size bites to share at your event. Delicately decorated, unique and flavorsome. Choose between our 7 flavours and create your own assortment of eclairs.



The Croquembouche season has started! We are making Croquembouches for all your special occasions. The choux is filled with chocolate and/or vanilla, stacked with caramel and delicately decorated with edible flowers, sugar pearl and glitter. 3 sizes are available depending on the number of guests.


Custom Cakes:

We love custom cakes. Let us know which flavours you prefer for your dream cake and our Chef will recommend you some of his best recipes.


Bulk Eclairs and Tarts:

All our products can be freshly made for large orders.


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