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Eclair at the Bay

Box of 5 Craquelins

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Choux Craquelin is a dessert made from choux pastry and topped with a thin biscuit. As opposed to regular choux pastry buns, craquelin adds a layer of sweetness and crunch to cream puffs. There are two flavoyrs available in our selection box, one with a fresh and fruity Passion Fruit flavour and one with a rich Toffee flavour.

Choose your box of 5, between Passion Fruit Eclairs or Toffee Eclairs.



Made from choux pastry: unsalted butter, sugar, salt, flour, egg, milk. Passion Fruit Craquelin: passion fruit puree, milk, sugar, egg, cornstarch, gelatine, white chocolate 32%, passion fruit. Toffee Craquelin: cream, cream cheese, condensed milk dulce de leche, edible flower.


Our choux craquelins may contain: nuts, gluten, dairy 
Made in Mullumbimby, Australia