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St Honoré Cake


Celebrates all occasions, with our unique version of the traditional St Honoré Cake. A puff pastry base, topped with chocolate and vanilla craquelin profiteroles, decorated with piped chantilly cream and dried flowers. A perfect light and crispy cake to share with your family. 

Pre-order now. Serve 4-6 people

∙⁠ ∙⁠ ∙⁠ 


puff pastry: water, flour, salted, butter, vinegar choux pastry: unsalted butter, sugar, salt, flour, egg, milk, water craquelin: brown sugar, flour, butter caramel glaze: butter, thicken cream, glucose, salted butter, sugar vanilla and chocolate cream chiboust: milk, eggs, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla beans, dark chocolate cream chantilly cream: thicken cream, vanilla beans decoration: Golden pearl sugar, cornflowers.

Our eclairs may contain: nuts, gluten, dairy 

Made in Byron Bay, Australia.