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Eclair at the Bay

Chocolate and Raspberry Entremet

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This delicate multi-layered mousse-based cake is made from a dark chocolate dacquoise, a dark chocolate-raspberry mousse, a vanilla cream, a raspberry coulis, some hazelnuts (it gives crunch) all topped with a shiny and smooth dark chocolate glaze. If you like complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts in your plate, this cake is for you. Ideal for a celebration or to share with friends and family. Serve 10 people - Ø 21cm


- Gluten Free option available


Egg, sugar, almond flour, flour, dark chocolate, raspberry puree, raspberries, cornstarch, gelatine, thicken cream, vanilla beans, milk, cocoa butter, butter, hazelnuts, gold dust


Our entremets are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.
Our entremets may contain: nuts, gluten, dairy 
Made in Mullumbimby, Australia